Daniel Lucid

Daniel Lucid

Daniel Lucid received his J.D. degree from Yale Law School and has practiced law in California since 1981. He has been General Counsel of The Mitsubishi Bank of California and Vice President of Imperial Bank, where he managed all legal work for letters of credit and import-export transactions of Imperial Global Trading Company.

As a litigator, Daniel Lucid has been responsible for over two thousand lawsuits and has successfully managed over one-half billion dollars ($500,000,000.00) in collections for financial institutions and large corporations. As a financial attorney, Mr. Lucid has learned that vigorous collection activity is as important as winning lawsuits. This practical experience has led him to have specialized expertise in obtaining security interests, liens, mortgages, attachments and writs of execution.

As General Counsel for banking institutions, Mr. Lucid is familiar with all aspects of banking law, including state and federal regulations, real estate, import-export, human resources, leasing equipment, and lending. He is particular sensitive to the need to protect financial institutions from lawsuits, whether those cases might arise from borrowers or personnel matters.

In the area of criminal law, Mr. Lucid has represented corporations and individuals in prosecutions involving alleged securities violations, trademark, patent and copyright infringement, managerial infractions, and financial misconduct. He has extensive experience in defending landlords and property owners from criminal prosecution for alleged violation of building and safety codes, fire regulations, relations with tenants, and toxic waste and environmental hazards. He has been proactive in representing companies and individual defendants before grand juries in an effort to prevent indictments. He has also negotiated forcefully with prosecutors in order to have charges dropped or reduced on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Lucid has practiced immigration law on behalf of permanent residents and holders of work visas in all aspects of litigation with the Department of Homeland Security, including deportation, denial of immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, and revocation of labor and family-based visas.  He has appeared extensively before Immigration Courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Mr. Lucid’s litigation philosophy is to be unfailingly polite to opposing counsel and considerate to  opposing parties, but relentless in enforcing the interests of his clients.

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